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ABOUT: About Our Store

Pinaka Art is a collaborative between father and son, Ravindra and Sagar Kamath. Our combined experiences span a variety of media and techniques culminating in a wide variety of products and services. As a collective, Pinaka Art creates contemporary works inspired by South Asian motifs and culture.
*A special thank you to Sheetal Kamath for her encouragement and support.



Ravindra Kamath is a self-taught artist, born and raised in a small village named Panjadka in Karnataka, India. Ravindra draws inspiration from the natural world and works to capture familiar experiences creating both decorative and conceptual work.



sāgar kāmath is an interdisciplinary artist that creates work exploring his identity as an Indian-born American through painting, collage, sculpture, video, and design. He draws inspiration from traditional South Asian forms and aesthetics. Sagar has commissioned works for Riverlife and the Pittsburgh Post Gazette amongst others. 

ABOUT: Our Team
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