Ravindra Kamath (Ravi) is a self taught artist from a small village named Panjadka in Karnataka, India. From an early age he fell in love with painting and went on to compete and win several competitions through grade school and college. During his time in India, he created designs for textbooks, had solo exhibitions, created caricatures and comics for magazines, and painted several murals. 


After moving to America in 2002 with his family, Ravi was dealing with the separation from his culture, traditions, and his relatives back home. Many of his earlier conceptual pieces were centered around these feelings of change and disconnection. Alongside, Ravi created a large collection of detailed landscape and floral paintings. He has since ventured into abstraction and has created works marrying together his more realistic style to create surreal works. 


Ravi’s art draws inspiration from the natural world - both to create elaborate nature scenes as well as develop motifs and imagery. His most recent project considers the plight of the common man, especially through the eyes of society, using surrealist themes and imagery. Ravi predominantly works in acrylic and oil.

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